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November 22, 2022
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Remote Viewing

Picture yourself in a blank room. Nothing on the walls but a slate-gray color. Maybe you are seated, but the chair is in the same grab tone as the walls. No windows, no noise. Just you in the room.
But that doesn’t matter, because you are somewhere else. Somewhere lush and green- a jungle setting with thick vegetation. The humidity is stifling, and you can hear the call of exotic birds from above. Your focus, however, is on a tent far below your vantage point. You can picture the inside of the tent as clearly as the jungle around you. You see a table with maps and guns. A man standing over the map, gesturing at an area to the south as he speaks to a man across from him. You focus on the map, and then you focus on the men. Join us tonight as we discuss remote viewing and how the government tried to use it to spy on the enemy in wartime.

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