What Are Auras

April 8, 2022
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What Are Auras

Many people often ask the questions, “What are auras?” and “How do we see them?” Today we try to answer these questions.

Auras make most people think of the hoodoo territory of New Age Hippy-type personalities. They tend to bring up the mental image of trippy girls in homespun skirts. Coupled with searching for fairy rings in the woods, burning incense whose homes are cluttered with crystals.

That stereotypical girl with her long flowing hair, living in a caravan with beads, and her odd detachment to the material and being in touch with the universe can be seen over and over in books, movies, and at your local Renaissance Faire.

Not to put down Ren Faires, as we personally enjoy them and, let’s admit it, they are people who know how to let their hair down and have a good time without leaving a huge mess or broken bones in their wake.

Tonight we unpack and try to demystify the Aura. This is a two-part series. With Auras this week then Chakras with spiritual healing next week. Why a 2-night series? There is a lot of information to go over, and we want to get in there and delve deep, shining our Skeptic Psychic flashlights into every dark nook and cranny that we can find.

So, is it all in the mind or is it real science? It depends on who you talk to because “aura” as a term is tossed around far too much these days.

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