April 24, 2021
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Or How to Cleanse your House Without Burning it down.

A woman smudging
Smudging – Hands of a spiritual woman holding burning smoking sage smudge stick

Long ago ancient cultures developed a way to cleanse the air, protect the home, and invite/escort the long-departed to realms of the afterlife. Although it was a worldwide tradition back in the day. We today in the modern world call it Bunk. It is the art know as Smudging.

When we look at the antediluvian civilization of the past, we see the Oriental society used incense and oils to call upon their descendants to protect and defend the family. African shamans utilized mystical herbs cast upon the fire or in bubble pot to see their relatives or protective gods. While Europeans used herbs, incense, or spices to do the job. But the layman of today uses the methods of the medicine men of Amerindian cultures aka. “Smudge,” or “Smudging”.

In this day and age, those who follow the New Age movement believe that smudging will drive away negative forces, promote general well being, or help with illness. Smudging is usually performed before or after certain events. For example, moving into homes, meditation or illness.

Smudge is the use of burning fragrant sticks of wood IE. pine, sage, cobalt cedar, etc. that can be either be wrapped with or without herbs. One must use a bowl or other type of container to catch the ashes. Either a small handheld fan or feather can be used to blow the wisps of smoke around the area. (If you don’t have those items use your hands.) A choice of prayer/mantra is preferred but not required for the rite, and an open window so the smoke can drift away. Lastly, and most important, one must be in a positive aura or attitude.

Precautions for Smudging:

  • Make sure that the space you are smudging has windows or some other means for the smoke to escape.
  • Do not use smudge sticks near infants, birds, the very elderly, or individuals with sensitive respiratory systems. Birds are so sensitive that smoke can make them sick or even kill them.
  • Do not use near oxygen
  • Never leave burning smudge unattended.
  • Place some sand, soil, or even salt in the bottom of the container you are using to help extinguish all ash

A sample prayer for smudging

I ask that Divine light surround me.
I call in the presence of my team of guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters. Enter into this time and space.
I call forth the consciousness of the Palo Santo and sage, in conjunction with my team, to fully cleanse my energy of any and all negativity, to cleanse and release any density, and anything that no longer serves.
Release negativity into the light of the Divine.”
Release any attachments, negativity, or density into the light so that I can shine with my highest possible vibration and embody my highest authenticity.
Anything that is not in alignment with this highest truth and light, let it be cleansed and released into the light of the divine.”
Thank you for cleansing my energy and elevating my vibration so that I can vibrantly shine, radiantly live, and thrive in alignment with my soul mission and purpose according to Divine will.
I thank the sage and Palo Santo for their service and for the service of my entire team of guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters.
Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you for helping me to stay clear, connected, and vibrantly shining.”

How to Smudge

Most of the websites that I went to called for going from east to south then north to west. Waving the smoke in and around the area. Fanning the bundle as you walk around. If you want to bless or protect a certain item hold it in the smoke for a minute or so. Finally, when it is all said and done. You can douse the smudge stick in water or into an ashtray. Grateful for the feeling of a cleansed home or body. Plus it makes everything smell nice.