Psychic Connections: A Conversation Psychic Sisters

May 11, 2024
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Psychic Connections: A Conversation Psychic Sisters

From a young age, sisters Natalie and Stephanie displayed extraordinary psychic abilities, often experiencing prophetic dreams that shaped their spiritual future. They embraced a diverse range of spiritual traditions, including Wicca, indigenous wisdom, Buddhism, and contemporary spiritual thought, forging a unique path as spiritual eclectics. Their journey emphasizes unity, interconnectedness, and personal growth, beyond what they learned within organized religion. Now, the two sisters, endowed with psychic abilities, mediumship skills, facilitators of healing and educators, have embarked on their multifaceted adventure. They offer a multitude of services at Immersive Spirit that include investigating hauntings, assisting spirits in crossing over, offering insightful tarot card and psychic readings, intuitive coaching, and working with Spirit to share the healing energy of Reiki. They continue to develop their expertise across tools, studies, practices, and the stars in conjunction with their spirit teams, while teaching and developing others to do the same.

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